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I find it really inconsiderate when parents let their kids talk loudly throughout an entire film. Have some consideration for the other people in the cinema!

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Taking a morning moment to share this lovely, heart string tugging ballad with you, from British band Amber Run. In actuality, I already shared I Found with you, earlier this week, via its cinematic video, but at the time, I was wishing for a SoundCloud stream, for easy streaming by lazy readers (yes, you, I know you’re out there) and some Hype Machine attention. My wish has been granted. I Found is a gorgeous song well worthy of attention, and I’d be sad if y’all miss out on the beauty. As mentioned previously, the song, and Amber Run’s sound overall, brings to mind a wonderful blend of tender Kodaline, grandiose Coldplay, and mellifluous, endearing Bastille. Amber Run is gearing up to release their new EP, Pilot, on September 21 via RCA Victor. Revisit their soaring, uplifting single Spark, from earlier this year, below.

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